Thomas Müller
Carl von Ossietzky University Oldenburg, Federal Republic of Germany.
Main research area: Unusual Molecular Main Group Compounds
Motto in research: Always Expect the Unexpected
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Rebekka Klausen
Departmentof Chemistry, Johns Hopkins University, USA
Main research area: Polymersynthesis, main group chemistry
Motto in research: Innovative synthesis drives the discovery of transformative materials and technologies.
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Jean-Louis Bantignies
Montpellier University, Charles Coulomb Laboratory, France
Main research area: Materials science, Relation between structure of nanomaterials and physical properties
Motto in research: Relation between structure of nanomaterials and physical properties.
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Matthias Driess
Technische Universität Berlin, Germany
Main research area: Organometallics, Materials, Small Molecule Activation, Catalysis
Motto in research: Our vision is to learn how to predict reactivity in chemical space.
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Chang-Sik Ha
Pusan National University, Korea
Main research area: Periodic Mesoporous Organosilicas; Nanohybrid Materials
Motto in research: Keen observation and Everlasting Efforts.
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Daisuke Hashizume
RIKEN Center for Emergent Matter Science (CEMS), Japan
Main research area: Structural Chemistry
Motto in research: De omnibus dubitandum.
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Chunming Cui
Nankai University, China
Main research area: Main group and rare-earth chemistry, Catalysis
Motto in research: Try something new.
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Caihong Xu
Institute of Chemistry, Chinese Academy of Sciences, China
Main research area: Synthesis and Application of Ceramizable Silicon-containing materials
Motto in research: Paper is just a byproduct of research, and solution of problem is target.
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Hisako Hashimoto
Tohoku University, Japan
Main research area: Organometallic chemistry
Motto in research: Fortune comes in at the merry gate.
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 Alexander C. Filippou
Institute of Inorganic Chemistry, University of Bonn,
53121 Bonn, Germany
Main research area: Molecular Chemistry of Silicon in Low Oxidation States
Motto in research: Obstacles should be overcome and not bypassed.
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Nicola Hüsing
Paris-Lodron University of Salzburg
Department of Chemistry and Physics of Materials, Austria
Main research area: Porous Materials; Sol-Gel Processing
Motto in research: Never give up curiosity and passion! Those two are leading us to new paths and ideas.
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Ching-Wen Chiu
National Taiwan University, Taiwan
Main research area: Main research area: Group 13 and 14 Lewis Acids and Radicals
Motto in research: Chemistry is important, but safety is the top priority!
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Jean-Marc Girard
Air Liquide Advanced Materials, France
Main research area: Precursors for thin film deposition
Motto in research: If it was easy then someone else would have done it first.
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Herbert Roesky
University of Göttingen, Germany
Main research area: Chemistry of aluminum and silicon
Motto in research: I like chemistry and therefore I have not to work any day in my life.
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Cheuk-Wai So
Nanyang Technological University, Singapour
Main research area: Low oxidation state silicon complexes toward catalysis
Motto in research: Continuous effort is the key to unlocking our potential.
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Céline Croutxé-Barghorn
University of Haute-Alsace/LPIM, France
Main research area: Light curing in polymers and hybrid materials
Motto in research: Don’t worry about unexpected results, they are source of new insights and knowledge.
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Simon Aldridge
University of Oxford, UK
Main research area: Chemistry of the group 13 and 14 elements
Motto in research: Compounds with unusual electronic structure, and investigation of their applications in small molecule activation and catalysis.
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Masafumi Unno
Gunma University, Japan
Main research area: Synthesis and Application of Novel Siloxanes
Motto in research: Keep climbing forever
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Xavier Cattoen
Institut Néel – Grenoble, France
Main research area: Functional organosilicas for nanomedicine
Motto in research: Enhancing inorganics with organics.
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Luís D. Carlos
Department of Physics and CICECO – Aveiro Institute of Materials, University of Aveiro, 3810-193 Aveiro, Portugal
Main research area: Luminescence thermometry; light emitting materials, organic-inorganic hybrids
Motto in research: The highest form of research is essentially play.
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Louis Vovelle
Senior Vice President Innovation and R&D, ELKEM, France
Main research area: Silicones – From catalysis to materials to recycling or Open innovation, organization and strategy
Motto in research: What I don’t know, someone knows it but She/He doesn’t know it.
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Yusuke Sunada
Institute of Industrial Science, The University of Tokyo, Japan
Main research area: Organometallic Chemistry, Cluster Chemistry
Motto in research: Perseverance and hard work can overcome any obstacle.
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Yannick Landais
University of Bordeaux, France
Main research area: Organosilicon chemistry, new radical processes
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Mike Brook
McMaster University, Canada
Main research area: Sustainable Silicone Polymers
Motto in research: Chemistry is a team sport: work hard, be observant, and have fun with it.
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Aziz M. Muzafarov
A.N. Nesmeyanov Institute of Organoelement Compounds of Russian Academy of Sciences (INEOS RAS), Russia
Main research area: silicone chemistry, dendrimers, hyperbranched polymers, hybrid materials
Motto in research: Chlorine-free chemistry of silicones.
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Shabana Khan
Indian Institute of Science Education and Research (IISER) Pune, India
Main research area: Main Group Chemistry and Catalysis
Motto in research: Synthesis of low-valent compounds and their application in catalysis.
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Shigeyoshi Inoue
Technical University of Munich, Germany
Main research area: Main Group Chemistry & Silicon Chemistry
Motto in research: To change the world with silicon.
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Takeaki Iwamoto
Tohoku University, Japan
Main research area: Low-coordinate silicon compounds
Motto in research: Curiosity keeps bringing us new fascinating molecules.
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Hosea M. Nelson
Main research area: Catalysis and electron crystallography
Motto in research: The best experiment is the one that you can do now!
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Makoto Ogawa
Vidyasirimedhi Institute of Science and Technology, Thailand
Main research area: Solid-State Materials Chemistry
Motto in research: Unique and reliable.
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Virginia Montiel-Palma
Mississippi State University, USA
Main research area: Transition Metal Complexes for Catalysis and Energy applications
Motto in research: Science adventure takes us as far as curiosity, lasts as our perseverance.
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Hieronim Maciejewski
Faculty of Chemistry, Adam Mickiewicz University in Poznań, Poland
Main research area: Catalysis, synthesis and applications of organosilicon compounds
Motto in research: The science of today is the technology of tomorrow.
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Vuthichai Ervithayasuporn
Mahidol University, Thailand
Main research area: Silsesquioxanes; Responsive Materials for Sensors
Motto in research: Sensing through Silsesquioxanes
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Thorsten Felder
Corporate R&D, Momentive Performance Materials GmbH, Leverkusen, Germany
Main research area: Functional Coatings, Novel Materials and Composites
Moto in research: Stay curious and be open-mined, new ideas can make the difference
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Tamejiro Hiyama
Kyoto University ; RDI Fellow, Chuo University, Japan
Main research area: Organic Synthesis with Silicon
Motto in research: Pursue novelty with optimism
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Delphine Blanc
Main research area: Silicones synthesis (polymerization & functionalization), Organometallic Catalyst, Silicones elastomers Website link

Norihiro Tokitoh
Institute for Chemical Research, Kyoto University, Japan
Main research area: Organoelement Chemistry
Motto in research: One for all, all for one.
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Julia Lyubina
New Growth Business, Evonik Resource Efficiency GmbH, Germany
Main research area: Materials for energy storage and energy conversion
Motto in research: Never in the ground state
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Steven Swier
Dow, USA
Main research area: Silsesquioxanes and their phase separated architectures.
Motto in research: Controlling phase separation in silicone copolymers is fertile ground for conducting science with industrial impact.
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Jun Shen
Tongji University, Shanghai, China
Main research area: Sol-gel derived nanostructured solids and thin films
Your motto in research: Try to make the impossible possible.

Hongzhi Liu
Shandong University, China.
Main research area: Functional silsesquioxane monomers synthesis and hybrid materials based on silsesquioxanes.
Your motto in research: Dedicated to unique research on silsesquioxanes science

Aleksandra LOBNIK
University of Maribor, Faculty of Mechanical Engineering, Slovenia
Main research area:New materials, nanomaterials, biomaterials, sol-gels, for personalized optical chemical and bio-sensors, environmental protection, food, medicine
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Niklas Wienkenhöver
Central Research ofWACKER Chemie AG, Munich, Germany
Main research area: Silicone/SiloxaneChemistry
Your motto in research: Aut viam inveniam aut faciam
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Joji Ohshita
Hiroshima University
Main research area: Development of new materials based on group 14 element chemistry
Your motto in research: Effective materials from experimental and computational synergy
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