To reduce your living expenses during the symposium, we offer free student rooms located on campus of university Paul Sabatier for 5 nights (05-10 July 2020). The rooms are equipped with abed (with a sheet and a blanket), a kitchen (no items for cooking), a toilet and a shower space (hand towels and a bath sheet). The internet is also available, but an Ethernet cable is required for the connection (no wifi). It is not a hotel but a student residence, and there is not room cleaning services. Nevertheless, the rooms are comfortable with an ideal location to attend all the symposium events in the campus, and next to a Metro station (Université Paul Sabatier) well connecting Toulouse downtown. Near to the residence, the university cafeteria offers a possibility of breakfast (3.5 €).

If you wish to book a room, please make a pre-reservation by uploading a completed template (download it byclicking here) using the abstract submission system ( These rooms are generally reserved for those who will make a (oral/poster) presentation (students/post-docs). There are only 100 rooms available. The rooms will definitely be booked, only when your registration and payment will be confirmed. Once all the rooms will be booked, the reservation system will be closed. So, be careful and, please complete the registration (and the payment) as soon as possible after the pre-reservation.

To complete the reservation, after the inscription/payment, please upload a certificate of payment (of inscription fee) such as a copy of confirmation mailfor the payment (Payment by credit cards) or a copy of receipt of bank transfer(Payment by bank transfer) via the abstract submission system (