– Si Slam (Monday afternoon, 15:00-17:00)

Si-Slam’ is a unique ISOS event (started in Berlin at ISOS 2014) for young researchers (students and post-docs). The young scientists use 3 minutes of presentation time to spark excitement about their chemistry. We really believe that this event provides them a rare occasion to think of original ways to express themselves and their works, which should enhances their passion and vision fortheir own research life. Presentations dealing with any aspects of silicon chemistry are welcomed! Your presentation will take place in plenary session: Every participant will watch you!

How to prepare a ‘Si-Slam’ presentation?

1-Prepare an ultra short oral presentation (Strictly 3 minutes), using any original means to make all participants curious about your exciting chemistry.

2-Use any artistic freedom to present yourself and your science, including hand drawings, artwork, photographs, anything – there are no restrictions except your own creativity!

3-Use any original on-screen multimedia stuffs (video, sounds music…).